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Home to the Famous

Crofton, Raising the next Generation

Thats right! Such great people like Edward Snowden, who  Leaked sensitive government documents regarding mass surveillance AND attended Crofton Woods Elementary School, Crofton Middle School, and Arundel High School for 1 1/2 years used to live here. As well as Bill Belichick, the head coach of the New England Patriots, was also raised in Crofton and went to Annapolis High


The history of "Rock Lobster"

"Rock Lobster" was inspired by an encounter that guitarist Ricky Wilson happened upon. While visiting the small, but greatest little city in the world, Crofton Maryland he went for a walk around what is known as "Walking Fish Pond". As he blazed a trail around this happening water feature he came across an odd looking rock. But as he inspected the rock closer it began to move, it uncurled and began to walk towards him. This rock beast was no rock lobster mind you, it was the infamous SnakeHead Fish that has terrorized the local fishery for years. Marketing deemed the snakehead fish to abrasive for radio so it was changed to a lobster to appease the middle class.

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