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Covenants by Your Street Address

Please note that the covenants for your street may include language which indicates that boats, and trailers and commercial vehicles may not be parked on streets, in yards or in driveways. The covenants are still applicable to yards and driveways. The covenants prohibiting the parking of such vehicles on streets were enforceable only until such time as the streets were finished by the developers and were turned over to Anne Arundel County. Parking on public streets in Crofton cannot be regulated by CCA covenants. Parking on those streets is regulated in accordance with Anne Arundel County ordinances and by Maryland vehicle laws.

Albermarle Drive Contact Regime 6

Angus Court Contact Regime 7

Ardsley Place

Bandury Court Contact Regime 8

Birdwood Court Contact Regime 8

Bromley Court  (covenants do not apply)

Candleberry Court

Carlyle Court Contact Regime 8  

Carry Place Contact Regime 5

Chainbridge Court (covenants do not apply)

Crofton Parkway odd 1493 -1619

Crofton Parkway even 1498-1576

Crofton Parkway odd 1435-1457

Crofton Parkway even 1438-1456

Crofton Parkway odd 1459-1487

Crofton Parkway even 1458-1474

Crofton Parkway odd 1701-1731

Crofton Parkway odd 1735-1749

Crofton Parkway even 1748-1750

Crofton Parkway odd 1751-1785

Crofton Parkway even 1752-1800

Crofton Parkway even 1802-1844

Crofton Parkway odd 1853,1855;1427-1433

Crofton Parkway even 1846-1856;1428-1436

Crossgate Drive (covenants do not apply)

Dana Street Contact Regime 3

Dryden Way Contact Regime 1 or 2

Earlham Avenue

Ebbotts Place

Edgerton Place

Ellsworth Avenue

Elwyn Avenue

Endsley Place

English Place

Eton Way

Eversham Place

Falling Leaf Court

Farlow Avenue

Farmington Court Contact Regime 5

Farnborn Street

Farrell Street

Fernham Court Contact Regime 5

Fillmore Court Contact Regime 5

Floral Court Contact Regime 5

Flynt Place

Fremont Court Contact Regime 5

Gable Court Contact Regime 9

Gabriel Court Contact Regime 9

Gaffney Court Contact Regime 9

Galaxy Court Contact Regime 9

Golden Court Contact Regime 9 

Good Hope Drive (covenants do not apply)

Granite Court Contact Regime 9 

Greentree Court Contact Regime 9 

Grey Birch Court

Gunwood Court Contact Regime 9 

Harcourt Avenue odd 1857-1903

Harcourt Avenue even 1860-1902

Harcourt Avenue odd 1905-1929

Harcourt Avenue even 1904-1930

Harrow Avenue odd 1453-1461

Harrow Avenue even 1452-1458

Harwell Avenue odd 1453-1469

Harwell Avenue even 1450-1476

Harwell Avenue odd 1471-1481

Harwell Avenue even 1478-1496

Henley place odd 1443-1447

Henley place even 1444-1448

Heston Place odd 1451-1455

Heston Place even 1452-1454

Hylton Place 1452,1453,1454

Jameson Place 1458,1461

Jameson Place odd 1453-1459

Jameson Place even 1450-1456

Jerrold Place odd 1429-1439

Jerrold Place even 1422-1438

Jordan Avenue odd 1457-1483

Jordan Avenue even 1458 -1494

Jordan Avenue odd 1441-1455

Jordan Avenue even 1442-1456

Justin Place odd 1465-1471

Justin Place even 1462-1470

Kensington Place odd 1407-1417

Kensington Place even 1408-1418

Knightsbridge Turn odd 1401-1411

Knightsbridge Turn even 1400-1414

Knightsbridge Turn odd 1413-1433

Knightsbridge Turn even 1416-1442

Layton Street odd 1901-1925

Layton Street even 1900-1916

Marlow Place odd 1849-1857

Marlow Place even 1850-1860

Mayfair Place 1701-1721

Mayfair Place odd 1739-1745

Mayfair Place even 1742-1746

Meghan Court (covenants do not apply)

Middlebridge Court

Misty Meadow Court

Old Willow Way

Ormsby Place odd 1401-1419

Ormsby Place even 1400-1418

Patrice Circle (covenants do not apply)

Peartree Court

Peartree Lane

Pecan Tree Court

Pepperbush Court

Persimmontree Court

Pleasant Meadow Road 1300-1333

Ralston Place odd 1831-1845

Ralston Place even 1830-1846

Rawlings Court 1816-1822

Reading Street odd 1787 -1795

Reading Street even 1788-1796

Regents Park Road odd 1749-1777

Regents Park Road even 1750-1770

Regents Park Road odd 1779-1783

Regents Park Road even 1772-1778

Regents Park Road odd 1785-1799

Regents Park Road even 1780-1800

Regents Park Road odd 1801-1817

Regents Park Road even 1802-1820

Reynolds Street odd 1721-1743

Reynolds Street even 1716-1744

Reynolds Street 1745, 1746

Rochester Court

Rochester Street odd 1765-1777

Rochester Street even 1764-1782

Rochester Street odd 1785-1795

Rochester Street even 1790-1798

Roxboro Place odd 1791-1797

Roxboro Place even1794-1796

Roxboro Place odd 1799-1811

Roxboro Place even 1798-1808

Saxony Place odd 1701-1703

Saxony Place even 1700-1704

Saxony Place odd 1705-1707

Saxony Place even 1706-1712

Scribner Place odd 1749-1761

Shaftsbury Avenue odd 1747-1751

Shaftsbury Avenue even 1748-1750

Shaftsbury Avenue odd 1763-1797

Shaftsbury Avenue even 1752-1786

Spring Green Avenue odd 1701-1713

Spring Green Avenue even 1700-1716

Stonegate Avenue 1804-1816

Stratton Road odd 1709-1713

Stratton Road even 1710-1720

Stratton Road odd 1715-1721

Stratton Road even 1722-1730

Stratton Road odd 1723-1743

Stratton Road even 1732-1740

Sturbridge Place 1711-1720

Summersweet Court

Swinburne Avenue odd 1701-1721

Swinburne Avenue even 1700-1726

Swinburne Avenue odd 1723-1741

Swinburne Avenue even 1728-1758

Tarleton Way odd 1675-1685

Tarleton Way even 1686-1692

Tarleton Way odd 1687-1729

Tarleton Way even 1694-1732

Tarleton Way odd 1731-1735

Tarleton Way even 1734-1736

Tarrytown Avenue odd 1701-1729

Tarrytown Avenue even 1698-1732

Tarrytown Avenue odd 1733-1743

Tarrytown Avenue even 1734-1744

Tarrytown Avenue 1745-1746

Tedbury Street odd 1711-1733

Tedbury Street even 1710-1732

Tedbury Street odd 1735-1741

Tedbury Street even 1734-1740

Tipton Drive odd 1699-1725

Tipton Drive even 1702-1728

Tipton Drive odd 1727-1729

Tipton Drive  1730

Torrington Place odd 1723-1731

Torrington Place even 1722-1730

Trent Street odd 1715-1731

Trent Street even 1726-1738

Trent Street odd 1733-1747

Trent Street even 1740-1748

Truro Road odd 1703-1729

Truro Road even 1704-1730

Twain Road odd 1701-1705

Twain Road even 1700-1702

Tyrone Street 1758,1761

Ullswater Place odd 1441-1449

Ullswater Place even 1442-1452

Urby Drive odd 1711-1721

Urby Drive even 1718-1728

Urby Drive odd 1723-1755

Urby Drive even 1730-1740

Usher Place odd 1701-1713

Usher Place even 1700-1714

Waldorf Court Contact Regime 4

Walleye Drive Contact Regime 5

Whitestone Court Contact Regime 4

Whitfield Court Contact Regime 4

Wickham Way (covenants do not apply)

Wilkshire Drive Contact Regime 5

Willow Glen Court

Willow Wood Court

Woodridge Court Contact Regime 4

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