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Crofton Valley HOA Faces Controversy and Accusations, Board Responds

Updated: Jun 13, 2023

CROFTON, MD - The Crofton Valley Homeowners Association (HOA) finds itself embroiled in a contentious situation as allegations of abuse and dissatisfaction with the board's actions have surfaced. Homeowner concerns have prompted calls for change within the HOA, leading to a heated exchange of claims and counterclaims. The source of the troubles revolves around the Hale family, who allege mistreatment by the current board members. This has garnered support from several dissatisfied neighbors who voice their displeasure with the board's handling of the Hale case. The situation has reached a boiling point, with demands for a resolution echoing throughout the community. Critics argue that the board's behavior lacks the kindness and neighborly spirit expected in a community association. Accusations include the imposition of fines and the dispatch of threatening letters to multiple residents, including the Hales, in what appears to be a subjective manner. It is clear that change is urgently needed to address these grievances and restore harmony within the community. In response to the mounting criticism, Barry McGuire, the current President of the Crofton Valley HOA, has offered his side of the story. McGuire highlights the circumstances surrounding a fence installation dispute involving himself and the Hales. According to McGuire, attempts were made to communicate with the Hales regarding the fence, but their requests went unanswered. Ultimately, the disagreement escalated, resulting in strained relations between the parties involved. Another point of contention raised in the recent exchanges relates to the placement of yard waste in a designated common area. Mr. McGuire asserts that he encountered a large pile of yard waste on the Crofton Valley forest conservation easement area behind his property, which he then cleared and reforested at his own expense. A confrontation ensued between McGuire and Jim Graves, a neighbor who allegedly deposited the waste. Tensions escalated as exchanges between the two turned heated. The letter penned by Jim Graves, which brought these issues to light, has generated both support and skepticism within the community. McGuire argues that Graves' letter contains unfounded and false allegations, specifically regarding the destruction of a forest and the handling of HOA funds. He asserts that the claims made by Graves are politically motivated and aimed at tarnishing his reputation as the HOA President. To clarify the situation, McGuire highlights the involvement of the Maryland Commission on Civil Rights (MCCR), which investigated the discrimination complaint filed against the Crofton Valley Board of Directors and Chambers Management. After an extensive inquiry and review of relevant documents and testimonies, the MCCR found no probable cause to support the allegations. Amidst the turmoil, the Crofton Valley HOA Board of Directors aims to address the concerns of homeowners and uphold transparency. The board urges community members to attend the upcoming HOA meeting on June 19, 2023, at the Village Commons Community Center. This meeting provides an opportunity to voice opinions, seek clarifications, and cast votes to determine the future direction of the HOA. As the community stands at a crossroads, it is crucial for all residents to become informed and actively participate in the decision-making process. The board emphasizes the need for unity and cooperation to ensure a stronger, more harmonious Crofton Valley community. For further updates and information, homeowners are encouraged to visit the City of Crofton Website or the Crofton Valley website at Below are statements attached from The City of Crofton Community, Mayor Conquick Non Governmental Figure Head , and Director to the Office of the Mayor


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